Stephen Fry on America’s place in the world

From an address on “America’s place in the world” that Stephen Fry – one of my favorite comedians of all time – gave at the Royal Geographical Society (which you should totally read in full, btw – its hilarious superbly penned).

When referring to the well known idiom of making lemonade if life gives you lemons, he makes a pretty interesting point.

So let me look again at that holy text: ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Huh? But… but… Lemons are amongst the best and most wonderful gifts of nature. They are adaptable, versatile and delicious. A slice for your gin and tonic – juice to zing life into salads, stews, fish and seafood. Oil and sweetness from the rind and zest that is pure and perfumed and precious. They are a staple of what doctors agree is the best dietary regimen we can follow. So if life gives you lemons, shout ‘Thank you, Life, thank you!’ But the American response is ‘make lemonade’ in other words – just add sugar and sell it.

Add sugar and sell it. This can be translated across into culture, can it not?

How very true.