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Mutable vs Immutable datastructures – Serialization vs Performance

In my last post, I was playing around with methods to serialize Clojure data structures, especially a complex record that contains a number of other records and refs. Chas Emerick and others mentioned in the comments there,

Serializing Clojure Datastructures

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to serialize data structures in Clojure, and discovered a couple of methods to do so. (Main reference thanks to a thread on the Clojure Google Group here ) (def

Thrush Operators in Clojure (->, ->>)

I was experimenting with some sequences today, and ran into a stumbling block: Using immutable data structures, how do you execute multiple transformations in series on an object, and return the final value? For instance, consider a

Clojure AOT compilation tutorial

I was trying to figure out how to AOT compile a Clojure program, in order to really see some fast execution times. The simplest way to describe AOT compilation would be how its done in Java, javac