I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since I was 5 years old and played a (computer) game that allowed you to bounce a ball off a tea cup. Over the years, that fascination developed into a hobby which in turn became a profession.

So I started a company that does Conversational Artificial Intelligence.

In the past, I was an early employee at a startup where I built search engines at web scale, worked on real time local search, databases and studied machine learning in humanoid robotics.

Somewhere along the line, I’ve developed a deep interest in music, international affairs, east european history, design and typography. I also like to hike, read and watch some esoteric movies. I got into long distance running a couple of years ago – half marathons and under – after I randomly decided to run outdoors one day and realized I loved it.

This space serves to link to my various profiles online, as well as act as a medium for me to express my opinions on whatever it is that captures my attention.

The internet has done a great job capturing my actions over the years for posterity.

This site is hosted on WordPress, running on servers provided by NearlyFreeSpeech (IMO the best web providers ever), using a custom, hacked up version of the Diary wordpress theme, and the design is inspired by Medium in some ways.

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