It’s the beauty of perspective and the state of your mind that governs how you read this Calvin and Hobbes strip.


If you have the context that this is the last strip of the entire series, there wells up a feeling of nostalgia, almost a sadness that something so good is seemingly coming to an end. Of the familiar having been washed away, to be replaced by a blank slate. I say seemingly because some things are timeless – they never end, they cannot. They aren’t built that way.

But on the other hand, it has to be by far one of the most inspiring strips Bill Watterson ever created – full of promise, of worlds unexplored, of things to do, to go into the future with all the experiences and memories of the past, building upon them, and in every way bridging the past, the present and the future with all the positivity that you can muster.

Onwards, then.