I never had the privilege of meeting Steve Jobs. And yet, on hearing the news today, it felt like someone very close to me had died.

As someone I’ve followed from ever since I can remember – growing up listening to the stories of his showmanship and visionary designs, its hard to even remotely express the sense of loss I feel today.

Reading up on every book about him I could lay my hands on, watching liveblogs of new product announcements, and waiting with excitement at a WWDC or Macworld announcement – it almost feels like I actually knew him. And I think a large number of people from my generation share my feelings.

It is very rarely in a lifetime that you get to see someone like Steve Jobs accomplish the kinds of things he did – changing the very face of technology and entertainment as we know it. I’m so glad to have been in the valley to follow some of this first hand.

Here’s to the man who inspired an entire generation with his insane genius. And specially me.

Goodbye Steve. You’ll be missed.